Today I had a conversation with Lana, a tattoo artist from Florianopolis, Brazil. She jokes, that she is a cover-up artist. Young Brazilian people usually get cover-ups of their tattoos with names of their EXs. Cover-ups of ugly tattoos are less common, but that also happens time after time. The process of cover-up tattooing looks like a counseling session. Brazilians are too expressive and their feelings play a cruel joke on them sometimes.

First story

A woman with shaking hands opened the door of a tattoo shop. "Cover-up this, cover-up it right now!" She took off her t-shirt and turned back to the tattoo artist. A male`s name was tattooed on her neck. It was a name of her first love. She broke up with him for a long time ago, got married to another guy. They gave birth to two children. However, after 10 years of marriage, she met the one who will always be the first... She broke up with her husband, forgot about children and stayed with her first love for 2 months. The fire of love extinguished. She became mentally ill and got into a psychiatric clinic. On the last day of her treatment she decided to start her life with a new page without being insulted by her neck tattoo. After 3 hours of tattooing beautiful roses grew up on her neck instead of memories of her passion. Her husband lifted her home after that tattoo session.

Second story

One guy loved a girl. He got a tattoo with her name on his leg by himself. But unfortunately that tattoo wasn’t a good artwork. They broke up and got back together again for a lot of times. Finally, he covered up a tattoo with her name. But the time had come and they got back together again! They got married. After the marriage he got her name perfectly tattooed by a professional tattoo artist. Maybe in this case to get a good tattoo makes sense.

Comment of the tattoo artist:

Usually when a couple makes coupe lettering tattoos with the names of each other, they begin to expect too much from a partner. And their relationships become a nightmare.

Third story

Sometimes people just cover up ugly tattoos :)

P.S. Advice of a tattoo artist: When you decide to get a tattoo — “memento mori”.