Joey has a foundation in Asian art yet traveled the world pursuing her passion for ink. In 2006 she founded Tattoo Temple Hong Kong which has been ranked in the top ten studios globally since 2012. Hers’ was the first studio in the region to only offer custom designs. She is the worlds first and only professional Chinese calligraphy tattoo artist as well as the only for a range of Asian painting aesthetics.

Her philosophy and artwork have been featured on AFP, Al Jazeera, CBS, CNN, Tedx, The Independent, The Travel Channel, Reuters and Wall Street Journal in addition to a host of other global news networks. For body art the waiting list ranges from approximately two to four years, depending on the style of commission. Her other area of focus involves full body art pieces, i.e. one design for the entire body. Collaborating with just one client per-year each piece will also be removed and displayed at her specialist gallery after the clients’ passing, preserving their skin-art for posterity