This exceptional idea was conceived out of a blend of Horitomo's two extraordinary interests in life-tattoos and felines. The word Monmon is a Japanese expression for tattoo and the term Monmon Cats was impeccable to depict his inked feline craftsmanship. Since the distribution of his book, Monmon Cats, we have been making prints, clothing and other stock and endeavor to maintain the superb standard showed in his specialty.

Kazuaki Horitomo

Horitomo has been inking for more than a quarter century is knowledgeable in Japanese custom including tebori (Japanese hand inking). He as of now works at State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose, CA. He has done broad outline work for Sega Game Systems and has likewise displayed at the Asian Art Museum San Francisco and the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. He is the writer of two books; Monmon Cats and Immovable.

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