Today I've talked with Argentinian tattoo artist who moved to Brazil 4 years before. First time at Brazil he was a seller at the bakery, now he has a very atmospheric tattoo shop near the beach.

  • Demian, please, tell me your story: how do you start tattooing?

  • I dropped out of my military school when I was 18 and started to study art. Actually I've been drawing throughout my life. When was 22 I had made my first tattoo. I started to think to become a professional tattooer. This time I was living with my family. It wasn't an easy decision, my mom was very worried about tattoo artist profession. But she supported me always. I started tattooing at our home in my room and mom always came to look at my work.

I had worked in tattoo shops in Argentina till I visited Florianopolis. I fell in love with this city. I have been working here here for 4 years. And I’m still in love with Florianopolis . When I was 28, I opened my first own tattoo shop. So here I am.

  • Do you see a big difference between tattoo cultures of Argentina and Brazil?

  • Yes. I think, this is related to climate. In Brazil, people most of the year are half naked. Tattoos are very common. We just started to dispel tattoo myths in Argentina. For example, public bus driver with tattoos on his hands could not exist 4 years ago. More and more people in Argentina start to see an art in tattooing, not just something that connected with criminals.

  • Do you see any difference between Brazilian and Argentinian criminal tattoos?

  • Yes, I do. In Argentina, criminal tattoos are of very poor quality, usually, they are just ugly. In Brazil, gangs have own tattoo artists and code system. Sometimes people who are not connected with crime use the ideas of criminal tattoos because that are just cool. For example, I made a clown tattoo twice in Brazil. But, maybe these guys were really cop killers, I didn’t ask actually.

  • Your tattoo shop is located near the beautiful beach. Have you ever heard romantic tattoo stories from your clients?

  • Jajaja! A lot of!. Last summer the couple came to my tattoo shop around about midnight and asked me to make tattoos for both of them. Not similar tattoos, but with the same idea. They met only 3 days before and were fall in romantic love. I made it. And after 3 months they came to me again to offer me to be the witness of their marriage! Crazy love;)

  • Great. Tell me, please, about your plans for the future?

  • I am teaching my girlfriend how to tattoo now. We save money to buy a van. We want to make a travel tattoo shop.

Also, I’d like to try scarification. I like a smell of barbecue in my tattoo shop;)