This is weekly news about tattoo around the world. Enjoy!

1. Air Force of the USA relaxes rules on tattoo policy to recruit more talent

In an effort to recruit more talent, the U.S. Air Force is rolling back restrictions on its military members wearing tattoos.

The new policy, which will go into effect at the start of February, permits new recruits to have tattoos fully covering their chest, back, arms and/or legs, according to a statement that the Air Force released Monday. Read more.

2. Check the new dating app for ink people and tattoo lovers Datingink

Meet Datingink, it was created by reality TV star Jemma Lucy, and its purpose it to connect tattooed hopefuls and people who are seeking tattooed partners.

Datingink is not only for those with ink, it’s also directed at individuals who are interested in people with ink. Read more.

3. Tom Hardy has to get "s...tty" tattoo after losing "Revenant" bet to Leonardo DiCaprio

So what exactly will the tattoo look like? Hardy told DiCaprio wrote "in this really s**tty handwriting: "Leo knows everything." Read more.