1. Navy welcomes first sailor with moko

After 20 years of service, Rawiri Barriball became the first person to get clearance from the Navy to wear a full facial Māori tattoo. Read more.

2. Sutherland Macdonald: Britain's first professional tattoo artist celebrated in new exhibition at the Museum of London

From kings and maharajahs to dock workers, if you wanted a tattoo in late 19th-century London there was only one place to go: a salon above a Turkish bath house, where Sutherland Macdonald, the first professional tattoo artist in Britain, plied his trade.

Rare images of Macdonald and his work, as well as his business cards and client list, are to go on display later this month as part of an exhibition at the Museum of London. Read more.

3. Former sex slave helps women reclaim their bodies with new tattoos

“Slaves have been branded for centuries and it’s just evolved into being tattooed. It’s happening all over the world,” said Kempton who suffered horrific brutality during six years working on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. Read more.