How tattoo artists are healing people with medical scars

Lucy Lyus, the information manager for Mind, the mental health charity, explained that every person is different in how they regard their scars. "Some people find it helpful to mark their recovery from a physical or mental health problem as it can help with their feelings of self-esteem or confidence. It could be something physical such as a tattoo or body piercing, but it could also be something else related to their lifestyle, like taking up a new hobby or learning a new skill.” Read more.

The C-Suite Responds: Are Piercings & Tattoos in the Workplace Still Taboo?

Unless you want a job where tattoos are the norm, not having a tattoo is never going to hurt you. It's not like someone is likely to say, "I'd really like to hire Jane to be my new marketing director, but her neck is surprisingly tattoo free."

But, times, they are a-changing. There are many companies where tattoos and piercings are not going to hold you back one bit. Read more.

Sister Tattoo Ideas To Show Your Bond

Sisters share a special bond, and tattoos are one way to make that bond evident to the world. Or not, if you keep your tattoos subtle and not obviously matched. Read more.