Prince Jackson's New Michael Jackson Tattoo Takes Flight

Prince Jackson honored his late father Michael Jackson Friday with a tribute tattoo that captures the King of Pop perfectly.

The 20-year-old, the singer's eldest of his three children, got inked on his calf with an illustration of Michael doing one of his signature dance moves in black suspenders, a matching jacket, a red shirt, a black and red fedora and his signature white sparkling glove, as well as wings. The singer, who loved the story of Peter Pan, also dances in pixie dust. Read more.

Strange tattoo tribute to Javier Mascherano's tackle on Arjen Robben

A young fan with an appreciation of Javier Mascherano's no-nonsense defensive approach has gone out and procured himself a permanent tribute to the Argentinian centre-back in the form of a slightly bizarre tattoo. Read more.

Justin Trudeau's Awkward Haida Tattoo

When Justin Trudeau was elected as Prime Minister of Canada, many people saw it as a positive change. A young, charismatic, very attractive man taking the helm of Canada would be just the change the country needed. He was athletic, good-looking, and, at the time, his principles seemed pure.

Trudeau also had a tattoo that some felt was a little inappropriate. He has a tattoo depicting a Haida raven, which is a staple of the indigenous Haida people, of the Pacific Northwest region of British Columbia. Many felt that it was a bit culturally appropriative since Trudeau had no association with the Haida people. Read more.