Victoria Beckham has almost completely removed the tattoo she shares with husband David

VICTORIA Beckham’s neck tattoo dedicated to husband David is almost gone — as it was revealed when she wore a backless jumpsuit to a charity bash on Friday evening.

The 43-year-old showed off the faded design as she attended the Breast Cancer Research Foundation event in New York. Read more.

Would you get a loved one's VOICE inked on you? Bizarre 'sound wave tattoo' lets you listen to your body art

Tattoos have long been a way to express yourself, and thanks to new technology, they could soon allow you to add an extra dimension to your body art.

Skin Motion is an app that creates tattoo designs from audio clips, which can be played back via your smartphone. Read more.

The girl with the tattooed face in 1850s

Olive Oatman was born in Illinois in 1837. In 1850, when she was 14, her family (parents Royce and Mary Oatman and their seven children) joined a wagon train to travel to California.

Various disagreements along the way meant the Oatman family eventually travelled alone.

Olive and her sister Mary Ann, then seven years old, were abducted.

Their captors used Olive and Mary as slaves. After a year the girls were traded to a group of Mohave, who were thought to have treated them better. The Mohave leader and his wife may have adopted the girls.

The Mohave tattooed both Olive's and her sister's chins. Though Olive later claimed the tattoos marked them as slaves, experts believe tattoos were fairly standard in the Mohave tribe, a tradition that led to a good afterlife. Read more.