The Meaning Behind Beyonce's Henna Tattoo at Her Push Party

No storks or diaper cakes here: Beyoncé didn’t have an ordinary pregnancy announcement (you might recall her epic photo shoot brimming with Queen Bey greatness), so naturally, she wouldn’t have an ordinary baby shower, either. Read more.

German soccer club bans player tattoos

A soccer club in the top German league banned its players from getting tattoos — in case the body art gets infected and affects their game.

Bundesliga side Werder Bremen, based in northwestern Germany, told its players that they must not get tattoos during soccer season after a rival player’s poorly applied ink became infected last year, German newspaper The Local reported Tuesday. Read more.

The Last Tattooed Women Of The Tharu Tribe

Tattooing plays a major role in certain communities. Some people use their body as an art canvas to reflect their status, ideology, memorable stories, etc…

For the Tharu tribe in Chitwan, a Nepalese town, I found that the women tattoos have 3 different stories.

The first one was extremely shocking. During the era of the Kingdom of Nepal, the royal family used to spend their summer in the Chitwan area. They used to take the beautiful girls of the tribe as sex slaves. To stop these abductions, the tattoo trend started and the girls got inked in order to deform themselves, so they look ugly for the royal men. Read more.