What is skinvertising?

Skinvertising is exactly what it sounds like: when someone has an advertisement placed on their skin. Since the most practical way of doing this is by using a tattoo, it’s a pretty difficult to undo this once it has been created. However, the permanence of this has led many people to find this whole concept to be really extreme, and some even think it’s just a joke.

It’s not. Read more.

Diane Kruger Loses Bet at Cannes, Has to Get a Tattoo

Actress Diane Kruger might wanna think twice about gambling on her own movies.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kruger recently bet Fatih Akin, the director of her new movie In the Fade, that the film wouldn’t make it into the main competition at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. The Inglourious Basterds actress wagered that she’d get an anchor tattoo if she lost. Read more.

82 year old woman gets her first tattoo

An 82 year old woman memorialised the death of her late husband by getting a tattoo of his name on her left wrist. June Bright, from Spalding in Lincolnshire was “very pleased” with her first inked design, according to her granddaughter Naomi.

“She was so excited to show people and on the phone straight away to friends and family to tell them about it.”

The idea came to the pensioner when she spotted a tattoo of poppies on the wrist of her 79 year old friend. Read more.