This is an interview with mysterious Adam BigC Kowalski, an artist with an amazing graffiti style, the creator of “Perfect liner” about where does the inspiration come from and what “Perfect Liner” is.

М: Where are you from and wherе do you work at the present moment?
A: I'm from Poland, I work in Luv und Lee tattoo shop ( by “shop” Adam means a tattoo studio) in Celle, Germany. There I have my private room where I make tattoos, but every month I'm few days guest spots all over the Europe, but I`m planning to make a trip to the USA.

М: What are the differences in tattooing in different countries?
A: One difference: I make tattoos only for people with white skin, I use a lot of bright colors and somebody who wants a tattoo from me must understand: bright colors stay good only on the white skin. And for me, every skin is the same, if you understand how to make tattoos at any place, or how fat are customers nothing change.

Kowalski Adam


М: How long have you been tattooing?
A: Almost 9 years, I paint sometimes graffiti.

М: Do you have an art or design background?
A: From the beginning Ive been a piercer in one polish tattoo shop, and there I made first tattoos. After Ive been tattooing at home, easy with no stress try to understand how artists like Samohin ( or Yakovlev ( can do all this crazy tattoos. After I started travelling, learning and right now I`m in this point where I am.

М: Could you show us some of your graffities?
A: And I'm not professional with painting I just like to do it. Don't make so much photos because some of my work are in places where they shouldn`t be and I don't want to pay for cleaning walls hahaha.

М: How did you become an artist and why?
A: Why? I don't have an idea just like that, and I like tattoos, I don't have so much nice tattoos but still I like all this shitty tattoos which I have, hahaha :)

М: What would you say is your favourite part of the job?
A: I'm a smoker, and because of traveling I can smoke fucking good weed all over the Europe hahaha. And many of my customers smoke weed, it's like chilli-milli part of job.

Kowalski Adam


М: Adam, tell us about your professional plans
A: One day Im going to be crazy good. Right now it's not so bad but still it's not this level of tattooing on which I want to be. But slowly I'm becoming a guest artist in better and better shops, I meet better artists. And Im going to make "Big C Pro Team", with artists and tattoo models who want to make and get different tattoos, ride together to conventions and promote my machines, and tattoo supplies. I want to make my own brand in tattoo business

M: Your tattoos are unique. What is your inspiration? How do you create your own style?
A: I work with a tablet, I don't draw so much like few years ago. But still I can draw 20 times better like I make tattoos. All my projects have effects of technology, but sometimes I like make an old school rose with fat lines and black shadows. In this moment it's almost not possible to figure out something really new, fresh. Every tattoo which I look at on Instagram it's just a copy of copy. Few years ago I have been working in black and grey realistic style, but fuck it's just boooooring everyday roses, clocks, skulls, butterflies, sometimes portraits but everything is the same looking. Many people love it, I don't like. And the biggest point is because I smoke a lot and my head works differet, and I live differently like all people now, I don't use phone, I don't think about tomorrow, or what happens on Facebook. Then your head is more open for some ideas.

M: Do you have any tips for young artists?
A: Before you touch rotary machine, try first coil and change springs, try to understand how to make tattoos. Don't buy Сheyenne but two or three good coils and try, after time you going to make tattoos 2 times faster like with rotary and more solid. When you know how to work with coil, then you know how to make tattoos with every rotary.

M:Do you have any tips for a person who gets first tattoo?
A: Never get small tattoos, my minimum size of a tattoo is A5. I don't make small hearts, stars, shitty tattoos. If somebody chooses a small tattoo for me, it's wasted time, money and pain.

M: What about your tattoo guns? What is the main advantage?
A: My coils machines are ready, and we still change project for rotary machine. "PERFECT LINER" it's a name of my coil machine,after all this years I figure out how must the liner work. Any rotary machine can't make super black lines like coil machine. They don't have enough power, my machine works and sounds crazy, like a tractor. But whatever you take 5 liner or 18 every line is going to be perfectly black. Machine is going to be available​ in 8 colors, and different designs made with laser. Also you can make your favorites colours, every part from the machine can be in different color. Soon on my page I will put few videos from line works, and I will explain how to make perfect lines. Right now I have few finish machines, but we going to make few little changes in details, and first few hundereds machines going to be ready.

M: Where can we buy them?
A: Any questions about , or .
In the future I`m going to make also furnitures for shop, and custom cool things (power supplies, foots, cables etc)